Dear guests,

for your safety and for the safety of our staff, we have designed the following Covid-19 protocol that will apply to all our activities until further notice. The protocol takes into account the indications by WHO and the legal requirements currently in place. For those who know us already, you will see that most rules align very well with our normal course of action, so changes are limited to a minimum! Please read the following carefully, and do not hesitate to contact us in case of questions.


  • To abide with the rule of 50% occupancy for the vehicles, we will accept maximum 2 guests per service unless guests belong to the same family or are living together. In such a case, we can accept up to 4 guests. In any case, we will not accept guests who do not know each other (note that we always work on a solely private basis, and only accept up to four guests per car – nothing particularly new here!).
  • All passengers, i.e. guests and staff, will wear a mask while riding in the car. Please bring your own mask (but extra masks will be available).
  • While riding in the car, air conditioning or air circulation will not be used. Instead, windows will be kept slightly open to maximise natural ventilation and ensure climatisation (note, this is what we would normally do anyway so it is nothing new!!).
  • To limit the time in a closed environment and allow for extra ventilation, we will make a stop maximum every 60′ (which is what we normally do, or even more often, thereby making the most of our time in the nature).
  • A hydro-aclooholic gel dispenser will be available in the car, to be handled only by our staff. Our guests will be invited to use it several time during the activity. You are invited to bring your own gel, for more flexibility and independence.
  • Bags for disposable materials will be available, to be handled only by our staff (yes, we always have a few because we always pick up garbage if we find it).
  • Our cars are duly cleaned at the end of every service, both inside and outside (again, we always do so…).

Please note that by confirming your booking you agree to follow this protocol. Guests that refuse to comply with it will unfortunately be denied the service, with no compensation due. Thank you for your collaboration in keeping everybody safe!