Our offer is fully customised, meaning we will organise your experience around your aims, expectations and needs. As a consequence, prices are built based on, but not limited to, the following variables:

  • Length of the itinerary (km), also taking into account fuel consumption and per-km car maintenance costs.
  • Number of days and nights included in the package.
  • Number of guests, also taking into account accommodation, meals and beverage costs at camps.
  • Collaboration with other professionals or initiatives, if relevant.
  • Special needs/requests entailing the acquisition of equipment or expertise not currently available, to be agreed with guests.
  • Extra-itinerary travel by Dakhla Rovers or related collaborators, if unavoidable for logistic reasons.

Whether you are thinking of a personalised package or a package with fixed dates and plan, please have a look at the Terms & Conditions that apply (download the file Dakhla Rovers sarl – Terms & Conditions v.17.02).


Extra-itinerary costs incurred by guests (e.g. related to accommodation, meals, beverages, travels before/after the itinerary, additional activities and courses not included in the itinerary and/or not provided by Dakhla Rovers or related collaborators, etc) are not included in the offer and shall be accounted for by guests separately.


Besides prices

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