Welcome to Dakhla, to its incredible nature and to the men and women living here and around here. You will be fascinated by the hospitality of the local people, and we encourage you to come with an open heart and mind too. As travellers in the desert, chances of being invited for a meal or a tea are high and accepting will add flavours, feelings and emotions to your experience. It is a sign of good manner and of mutual respect to accept food and/or drinks, which our team usually does. However, considering that preservation and sterilisation are extremely difficult (if not at all impossible) in the desert, please be aware that the final decision, and the responsibility for such decision, shall only be taken individually.



Our experiences have been carefully designed, tried and tested before being proposed. All of them follow extensive investigations based on maps, books and – most important – multiple sources of local knowledge. This is key to understanding where paramount features of the territory are (such as good wells and bush areas for the unexpected emergency stop or the best chance to meet herders and animals), to get insight in the best routes across the desert, but also to establish a true and direct connection with the territory and its inhabitants. In case of need, locals are the first source for help and advice – as we may be for them, too. Also, local knowledge and repeated in-person explorations are essential to ground-truthing for safety in areas that may have been mined during past conflicts.



Please be aware that travelling in the desert may expose you to conditions such as intense sunlight, high temperature, strong or dry wind, long hours in a car, shaky/bumpy driving, camping in the wild, contacts with wild flora and fauna. Along the coast, ocean waters may prove challenging for the untrained swimmer. To some people this may prove physically or even mentally demanding. We do our best to organise our experiences taking such conditions into account, in order to minimise stress and let you make the most of such a unique adventure. Also, because we are not obsessed with covering large distances for the sake of it, but put value on observing and feeling, be reassured we do stop often along the way to rest, refresh, eat, take pictures, enjoy nature, share emotions, meet people etc. On your side, however, please consider whether you are adequately fit for the given package and, when in doubt, discuss the matter with us and with your doctor before deciding to join in. We will do our best to accommodate your needs when refining your package in advance. In duly justify cases, last-minute revisions may also be needed e.g. in case of changed weather conditions or unexpected mechanical problems. Revisions will be discussed with our guests but the final decision will be at the sole discretion of our team.


Animals and plants

Always keep in mind that the desert is not a void space – it is inhabited by a multitude of animals and plants. That’s actually one of the reasons why it’s so great to explore it! Remember: we adopt a strict no-harass/no-touch philosophy, first as a way to respect nature and second to avoid unwanted interactions. To minimise the chance of incurring in an unintentional interaction, also please follow the advice of our team and ask whenever in doubt.



Most common-use medications are available at pharmacies in Dakhla, although commercial names and formulations may vary from those available in your country. Other medications may only be available on request (shipped within 1-4 days) while some may not be available at all. Should you need specific medications, especially life-saving ones, bringing them from home is the easiest and most straightforward way to go.



In case of need, our support team is trained in basic Emergency First Response techniques. Also, the Military Hospital in Dakhla is a well equipped and skilled reference facility in case of injury or sudden health issue occurring to foreign visitors to the area. To minimise the risk of incurring in such issues, please follow the instructions provided by our support team, follow any relevant advice by your doctor (including bringing with you and taking medications as indicated by him/her), make sure you are constantly and adequately hydrated as well as UV-protected (e.g. with sun cream). Always communicate any sign of discomfort to our support team promptly as soon as it may appear and do consider whether your physical conditions fit the planned itinerary before booking – again, do not hesitate to discuss any doubt with us and with your doctor. As a general common-sense rule, you should be up to date on routine vaccinations while traveling to any destination. Do not take decisions based on web-available information about additional vaccinations that may be needed in your case but always ask your doctor, instead. Please remember it is your responsibility to inform us about any relevant medical aspect of yours, and/or if you have any (permanent, transient, unexpected) physical/psychological condition, dietary requirement and/or allergy/intolerance to food, animals or materials. It is also your responsibility to inform us about any other relevant aspect that may affect the quality and the safety of your experience. We will be pleased to try and revise the plan accordingly, and will do our best to accommodate your needs.



We keep our cars constantly and professionally checked and maintained to ensure proper mechanical performances. However please be aware that failure is always possible when facing off-roading conditions. In such unfortunate event, spare parts, tools and skills for fixing basic damages are available by our assistence team. In case of more serious damages, or if spare parts are not available on the spot, calling/bringing a mechanic may eventually be needed.
Should you join in with your own car or a rented one, please be advise you do it at your own risk and under your own responsibility. It is also your responsibility to ensure that your car is fit for purpose, your skills adequate to the agreed plan and your documents valid (including insurance and driving licence). Our support team will be happy to provide advice and indications to ease your path. Our cars are fitted and prepared for real, no frills off-roading – our itineraries are not made for SUVs. Nonetheless we provide precious treats like a real fridge able to reach the temperature of -20°C for a fresh drink on the go, eco-friendly cooling tools, and comfortable camping equipment including tent, individual towel, mattress, sleeping bag, pillow and linings (for packages involving camping in the wild).



As a final note, we strongly recommend the purchase of an individual travel insurance. You may choose among a large variety of products currently available in the market, ranging from short-term to annual coverage. You may in facts be already insured if you are an avid traveller. Please be aware that Dakhla Rovers sarl shall not be deemed liable for any damages, incidents or unwanted consequences of behaviours deviating from the indications provided above.


Safety documents

Remember you will be asked to sign a Declaration of understanding, release and waiver of liability agreement before starting any activity with us (dowload the file Dakhla Rovers sarl – Safety, Approach and Attitude – Declaration of understanding, release and waiver of liability agreement v.17.02). Read this document carefully, as it contains important tips for safety and about the right attitude to enjoy your experience in the best way!


Besides safety

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