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Hay el Kassam II, Rue 13, Maison 5
73000 Dakhla, Morocco

Legal notices
Dakhla Rovers sarl (IF 18792934, Registre de Commerce 7507) is established in Dakhla and operates under the Moroccan law.

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Nicolò Calcagno

Tel/WA  +212 6 36808515

I am an avid explorer, with a feeling for logistics and practical organisation developed working for 12 years in the shipping sector. However, my real passion is nature. I’ve worked for 10 years in the SCUBA diving industry as a professional diving instructor, guide and boatsman. Then, I discovered the desert…


Martina Milanese

Tel/WA  +212 6 36808514
WA +39 338 1196672

I’m a marine biologist with a PhD in marine environmental sciences. I am still active as a researcher and believe conservation can only be achieved by reconnecting people with nature. This is what I learnt working in the SCUBA diving industry since 1999, now extended to other habitats and environments.


We speak Italian, English, French as well as basic Spanish and German. Working on our Arabic (in its various forms)!


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