Experience tours – kite, desert & yoga

Take a moment for yourself, away from the crowd for a unique and exclusive experience.

  • Explore secret coves along the coast, and enjoy kiting and surfing each day in a different spot on the Atlantic and in the bay. Add a desert extension to sleep under infinite skies and make it extraordinary. These tours are proposed in collaboration with Kirsty Jones’s KJ Experience (3-times kitesurf world champion and yogi master) therefore providing top quality watersport assistance.
  • Expand your mind, relax your body, energise your spirit. The vastness of desert’s horizons or the rhythm of ocean’s waves are the perfect background for your yoga and meditation exercises. Take a short break, or combine it in a longer tour – there is no limit to the quality of your life. Yoga and meditation are proposed in collaboration with Kirsty Jones’s KJ Experience.
  • Treat yourself with a romantic sunset in the desert or on the beach, living the authentic ambience of the Atlantic Sahara. Enjoy your private dinner while the sun goes down, watch the stars and enjoy the silence around you.


Experience packages

Have a look at our Experience offer: Ocean Sunset Desert Sunset.



We set up an account (dakhlarovers) and a project (Dakhla nature) in the iNaturalist community of researchers and amateurs to improve the knowledge base and rise awareness about Dakhla’s stunning nature. We encourage our guest to join in, and contribute their observations, too!

Itineraries can be combined. We will be happy to suggest selected accommodations in and around Dakhla or other major towns in the region. Please check info about prices and booking. Contact us to organise your personalised adventure to experience Dakhla.