Green – our challenge to do more

Being green is a continuous work in progress – we are not perfect and can only do our best to constantly improve. Yet, we believe it is our responsibility to take action and engage others. Here is a list of simple but concrete steps we are taking towards this end – hopefully you will join, too.

  • Reduce water consumption, a scarce and precious resource in the area. Our service includes the provision of towels, sleeping bags and sleeping bag linens for all itineraries that entail camping. Washing such material is needed for clear hygienic reasons, but consumes lots of water. You may help us save it by bringing your own material and we will be happy to advise on that.
  • Reduce the use of disposable plastic. We are not yet equipped for sanitation of tap water to make it pleasantly drinkable. Hence, unfortunately, we still depend on bottled one. To limit our impact, whenever possible we only buy large bottles (i.e. 5l). Besides providing a better ratio between contained water and container’s amount of plastic, such larger bottles can be more easily re-used for various purposes. You can help, too, by bringing along your own re-fillable aluminium or (recycled?) plastic bottle.
  • Remove litter from desert and beaches. It goes without saying: we will not leave our garbage behind and expect our guests to do the same (this includes cigarette butts). However, waves and winds may bring debris from far away (typically plastic ones). In such cases, let’s join forces and do the extra mile!
  • Take our exhausted batteries away. We limit the use of batteries to equipment for which there is no alternative. Nonetheless, such unavoidable batteries do get exhausted as well. In the absence of appropriate disposal facilities in the region, it would be just great if you could help. Should the need arise, please take them with you and dispose where dedicated infrastructures are available.
  • Use biodegradable detergents and personal-care products. Especially during our trips, we limit the number and the use of detergents as a way to reduce pollution and water consumption. Therefore, whenever possible, we adopt multi-purpose biodegradable products that work well even with salt water. Given their proven persistence in in natural environments, whenever possible we also avoid products containing plastic microbeads, as can be easily found in some toothpaste and creams. We encourage our guests to buy responsibly before coming to Dakhla.
  • Be patient when we don’t push our cars to maximum speed. Fuel consumption dramatically increase above a certain threshold. By keeping a slow pace we limit emissions, are able to reduce our and therefore your costs, increase your comfort on hard terrain and produce less noise. We travel to experience, discover and help. No hurry….


Thank you!


Besides green

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