Discover tours – Dakhla desert & sea

Nature, culture, landscapes and encounters: discover. All you need to do is choose your pace.

  • Feel the many faces of the Sahara desert. Drive across dunes, empty rivers and canyons, rest at natural springs or herders’ wells, enjoy detours to secret beaches and amazing lagoons along the Atlantic coast. These tours – ranging from 3 to 7 days – are for the hard-core explorers and include some serious off-roading as well as series of 2-3 consecutive nights camping in the wild.
  • Combine a soft desert experience with the quiet life of Dakhla resorts choosing among selected two-day tours. Let the sun go down behind the dunes, or find water in the desert. Set up the camp for the night and sip your morning coffee while nature wakes up too. Follow the steps of dromedaries and relax under acacia trees. And, on the way back to your resort, enjoy the dramatic view of the Dakhla bay.
  • Enrich yourself by joining one of our exclusive courses about local marine and desert life. Learn how to prepare delicious meals in a kheima, find your way following safe tracks, or just improve your understanding of coastal biology. We will be happy to share what we learnt, and introduce you to the very people who taught us.


Discover packages

Have a look at our Discover offer: White Dune & Atlantic waves (1 day) Sebkha of Imlili (1 day) Dakhla like a local (1 day) Dunes & canyons (2 days) Imlili & coast (2 days) Customized 2 days desert tours Desert trip 3 days Dakhla Weekend (3 days) Mercator specials for off-road drivers (4 to 7 days) Al Baraka specials for all (6 days) Customized Drive yourself plans.



We set up an account (dakhlarovers) and a project (Dakhla nature) in the iNaturalist community of researchers and amateurs to improve the knowledge base and rise awareness about Dakhla’s stunning nature. We encourage our guest to join in, and contribute their observations, too!

Itineraries can be combined. We will be happy to suggest selected accommodations in and around Dakhla or other major towns in the region. Please check info about prices and booking. Contact us to organise your personalised adventure to experience Dakhla.